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WELCOME Spring 2018

Last update 102017.  MyITLab necessity information added.

Class content will be in the Canvas learning management tool. If you have questions please use email to contact me. I will be adding some general information here. Check back for updates. 


Textbook Information

For Basic Computer Literacy (All my sections spring 2018)

Bundle cover for 13 edition

  • Technology in Action Complete – 14th Edition  The ISBN for this custom bundle is: 9781323695319.

  • Please note that the textbook bundle in the bookstore (looseleaf textbook, ebook, and MyITLab)  should be the least expensive way that students will be able to buy anywhere and you can only buy the bundle at the bookstore. The bookstore cost should be around $90.50. There is an online college bookstore. This is great way to avoid lines and shop when you can. If you buy only the textbook elsewhere, you  will still need to pay $89.95 to the publisher to get electronic access to the MyITLab materials. I have been told by the department that CSCI 201 students  can't get a better deal than what was negotiated with the publisher this year.
  • Approximately one third of the grade you earn is completed using MyITLab so it is necessary to have access to it.
  • We will be starting with Chapter 1 and I plan to cover all the chapters so you can start reading now.
  • If you have any questions about the class please use email to contact me.



Lifelong Learner / Critical Thinker

BiologyBecome a lifelong learner and critical thinker. Be curious and think about what is around you.


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What to Expect

To be added. Check back.

Contact Me

In the computer lab. Before or after class. By email: bankl@mjc.edu